IJMB registration for 2020/2021

Prospective students who are worried about the deadline for the registration of the IJMB programme should bear in mind, that due to the Coronavirus outbreak, there is identified date for the deadline at the moment. You can still purchase your IJMB form with us by clicking here or calling our service lines via these numbers 08115651421 or 08169138392. You can also send us an email at

Because some websites are claiming to be IJMB official website, posting incorrect information about the IJMB 2020 registration deadline, a lot of students are calling us to ask if the programme has closed for the year.

Is there a DEADLINE yet for IJMB registration?

We would like to inform prospective students that the programme registration is still ongoing. The Coronavirus pandemic has slowed down a lot of sectors in the country. The educational sector has also been slowed down by the pandemic. Therefore, the registration of students for the programme has been extended for some time.

We are writing this article to make you understand that there is no official message from the  IJMB coordinator; the Ahmadu Bello University stating that registration for the programme has ended. Ahmadu Bello University is the authority that can issue dates for commencement and deadline for registration. We implore you to stop getting information from websites that tout themselves as the “official IJMB website.” They are not. You can still register. Until the Federal Government give a green light for the commencement of educational activities in the country; which is when we can get an official message from Ahmadu Bello University, you can still register.

Most of these website telling you registration has ended are trying to bait you to most likely swindle you. One trick you can employ in dealing with them is to request to register after the purported deadline they claim. They will tell you they will look for a way to squeeze in your registration. That is what they aim for with their post. To get you to register with them. It is just a marketing strategy built on misinformation.



Having established the above fact, it is pertinent to know that a time will come that might be too late for students to register. That is there will come a time when registration for the IJMB programme will truly end. We want you to know that it has not been set yet by the coordinating body of the programme. When there is a deadline, we will definately be the first to alert you a few days to the time.


It is a hard time to make decisions concerning the registrations of various programmes. The major priority right now in the academic clime is safety above every other thing. The coronavirus is highly contagious and it will most likely thrive in an academic environment. That is why students and officials are staying at home until a proper structure is in place to deal with the virus.


Therefore, as long as the pandemic lasts, the registration or sale of form for IJMB programme will still be ongoing. You can register for IJMB with us here or call our service lines for more info: 08115651421 or 08169138392.



Because the pandemic has crippled virtually every sector in the country, students are asking us how they can then register for the programme. A lot of students do not know how they will go about registering due to strict lock down in the country.

You can simply register with us on our registration portal. You can do this through your mobile phone or computer. As regards the payment of the form fee, we advise that you make a transfer of the fee N8,000 to the bank details on the registration portal, and upload the official transaction receipt or a screenshot of the alert in order to upload (You can check how to make a screenshot by clicking any of the devices you use as listed here: Android, iOS, Windows, Mac).

After you make the payment, fill the form and upload the screenshots as well. You can also call our service line to confirm your payment and your online registration via our service lines: 08115651421 or 08169138392. You can also call us if you don’t know much about the IJMB programme or read the remnant of this article.

How IJMB Nigeria works.

IJMB is a NUC (Nigeria University Commission) and JAMB certified admission processing programme that enables students to gain direct entry admission into 200level in Nigerian universities. Under the coordination of Ahmadu Bello University, the programme has aided the admission of thousands into Nigerian tertiary institution.

The programme is in line with the method of operation of nearly all advanced-level programmes, in which students taking the IJMB programme will select any three (3) subjects to go along with English Language (which is a compulsory subject for participants), to make the number of subject four (4) in total.

Candidates’ subject combination must be in line with their preferred course of study, regardless of the course. However, for prospective students who do not know or understand the subject combination process in line with their preferred course of study, we will give you a properly informed guide for this and other aspects you might have doubts or questions on, during the registration process.

After Registration

Upon completion of the registration, students will begin to attend lectures in the study centre of their chosen state, throughout the programme before the examination commences.

IJMB Nigeria programme runs within nine (9) months which is similar to a session of two semesters in a tertiary academic institution. This is akin to taking a 100level programme in an institution and the final exam is a bridge to crossing into 200level.

The only criterion for the programme is for students to possess an O’level result. However, they can apply using awaiting result if the result will be available before the end of the IJMB programme for that session.



Just as we do here at, numerous websites offer online registration. However, some websites frown at registration online due to numerous cases of fraud that come alongside online registration.

We, however, offer prospective candidates a variety of options to register in line with their convenience.  They can opt for our online registration here which is a method that involves a bank deposit, or they can visit our offices in any state of the federation to obtain their IJMB forms therein, or call our service lines on 08115651421 or 08169138392.  Please note that the form fee for IJMB is: #8,000  both online or offline.

There are guidelines for filling the online form and we implore students to read them carefully before they begin filling the form. Prospective students can call our service line at any point of registration to make inquiries or clarifications on the process.


School fee for the programme is in between N180,000 and N250,000 in all our IJMB study centres. The state or location of the IJMB centers preferred by candidates is largely a determinant of the eventual price students pay for the programme.

Also, the accommodation of students determines if students will pay a certain amount or less. For instance, IJMB 2020/2021 school fees, with accommodation is N250,000 in Lagos and N200,000 without accommodation.

However, in Ilorin, IJMB 2020/2021 fee is N180,000 without accommodation. Nevertheless, all these fees consist of the acceptance fee, tuition fee and textbooks


Immediately students complete their IJMB 2020/2021 registration, they resume as soon as possible.

However, we allow for payment on instalment to make it easy for students and parents. This means that our students can pay in bits but not more than three times


Registration for a new session usually starts around September as the ongoing session or currently running programme is coming to an end. The programme session usually begins around April while it usually ends around February after the IJMB exam which is usually scheduled for February as well.

Candidates can, however, join the current session till May. We usually make provisions for special classes for students who register at a later time. These classes are also called Fixed lectures in our system and they are designed to help students who resume at a later time get the hold of the IJMB syllabus.

We are dedicated to your success. Call us today on 08115651421 or 08169138392 for inquiries on the arrangement. You can also send us an email on


Our centers are second to none in the country. We have a huge team that caters for the academic and safety well being of our students.  Our work ethics is built on building relationships

We have centres in:

  • IJMB Centre in Ilorin, Kwara State
  • Ibadan IJMB Centre in Oyo State
  • Osun IJMB Centre in Osun State
  • IJMB Centre in Lagos State
  • IJMB Centre in Port Harcourt, Rivers State
  • Enugu IJMB Centre
  • Uyo IJMB Centre among other Places.


You can call us at via these telephone numbers: 08115651421 or 08169138392 or send us a mail on to make enquires on the programme, processes, and procedures.

We wish you the best in your quest for admission this year.

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