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Students looking happy to hear about JUPEB in Ilorin

For students who couldn’t register directly with UNILORIN in Ilorin for the JUPEB programme, students have the option of registering with a very good JUPEB centre in Ilorin.

Students should ensure that the JUPEB centre they register with is accredited before proceeding with their registration.

In as much as there are a lot of accredited JUPEB centres in the state, we wish to let you know that our JUPEB centre has the required accreditation and affiliation with the JUPEB programme.

We are licensed to operate.

You can find our JUPEB centre in Ilorin along Kilanko Junction, close to Offa garage, Ilorin Kwara State. For inquiry, please call us on 08115651421 or 08169138392.

Regardless of the university you would like to gain admission into, prospective students can register at the Ilorin study centre for the JUPEB programme.

However, if you want to study at the University of Ilorin, we strongly advise you to obtain the form and register at our JUPEB study centre in Ilorin.

This is not to say that you cannot enrol for JUPEB in other states, even if your preferred school of study is UNILORIN.

However, we believe Ilorin is your preferred study centre and you wish to gain admission into UNILORIN as you are reading this post.

You should try out our study centre as it is close to the school (Unilorin) and it helps you to acclimatize with the environment and look at your goal in the eyes.



A lot of websites will decline to tell you from the outset this piece of information, but we believe you deserve to know the truth about what you are spending your money on.

We will list the differences in terms of qualities peculiar to each situation.

If you purchase JUPEB form directly from Unilorin, it means:

  • Your JUPEB study centre will be one of the mini campuses in Ilorin
  • You will have to write an entrance exam to get admitted to the programme
  • You have to secure accommodation elsewhere as Unilorin does not provide accommodation.

Note: Once they write the entrance exam, Unilorin stops selling forms. Also, the fact that you run your JUPEB programme at Unilorin doesn’t make you a student of the school. You are a normal prospective student like those in the private JUPEB centre.

If you register for your JUPEB programme with us

  • You will get a provision for accommodation.
  • You will get all the necessary textbooks.
  • And we will devote 100% attention to you as we are not doing any other thing than preparing you for the JUPEB Exam.

All prospective students have an equal opportunity of gaining admission as everyone is writing the same examination. Your total point is the sole factor as to if you will get the admission.

Therefore, it is no problem to run your JUPEB programme with a private centre. It even comes with an advantage as there are fewer students compared to Unilorin and you will get undivided attention.

So, at the end of the JUPEB programme, 90% of students in private centres gain admission as they get adequate attention with regards to preparation for the exam throughout the JUPEB programme.



Registration for the JUPEB programme at our Ilorin JUPEB centre is very easy. It is the normal procedure obtainable in registering in any other part of the country. The only difference is to select Ilorin as the preferred state of study.

Register through our JUPEB portal by first of all making payment of the sum of N10,000 only for the JUPEB form fee, to the centre’s account details found on the JUPEB form

After making the payment, open the registration portal and fill in your details on the portal, and upload a passport photograph and a scanned payment receipt you got from the bank after paying the JUPEB form fee.

While filling your details in the form, you will see a section that asks for your preferred state. Select your state of choice (In this case Ilorin).

Submit and call us immediately on 08115651421 or 08169138392.

You will receive a mail within 24hours from us, in the email address, you filled into the form.


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Some of the top questions we usually get from students are: How much is Unilorin JUPEB Form? How much is Unilorin JUPEB school fees? How much is Unilorin JUPEB tuition fees?

You will get reliable information regarding the price from the official Unilorin JUPEB web address through www.uiljupeb.unilorin.edu.ng.

However, we know Unilorin charges above N200,000 for their JUPEB programme. But you should get that from their official page.

What we can affirmatively tell you is how much the JUPEB programme cost at our JUPEB centre in Ilorin. Bear in mind that different centres charge different prices. You will have to make a few findings to decide which centre you would choose to enrol.

Note also that our JUPEB centre is an accredited JUPEB centre. This is a piece of information you should verify in your quest to obtain the JUPEB form at any given centre.

Our Ilorin JUPEB Form is N10,000 which is also the price we sell our JUPEB Form for other states.

Also, the total sum of N250,000 is the JUPEB fee at our JUPEB Centre in Ilorin. This covers your acceptance fee, accommodation fee, school fee and textbooks.

And you can pay in instalment to our centre as well. This is in light of our decision to make things easier, due the harsh economic reality with the havoc wreaked by the Covid-19 pandemic.



How do you know a good JUPEB Centre in Ilorin?

This can be a little tricky as you can only rely on what you were told.

However, we believe so much in establishing a relationship based on trust. We have the records there.

Upon your arrival at our office, once you’re resuming, you will see the pasted result of students JUPEB result on the wall of our centre. The least we have had is 10points. And with 10points in JUPEB, you can get in for many courses at any JUPEB required Universities.

On top of your list of considerations is also a conducive environment which we are proud to possess.

Our lecturers have years of experience in the JUPEB Programme.

For further enquiries, you can call us on 08115651421 or 08169138392 or send us a mail at alevelsadmissions@gmail.com.

You can drop your questions and comments below.

Good luck in your admission quest.


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