IJMB Registration Date and Deadline 2022/2023

Date and Deadline IJMB registration 2020/2021

A lot of prospective students have been asking us about the IJMB registration date and deadline for the 2021/2022 session. We will like to inform you that registration for the programme has commenced and students who have registered can start receiving lectures in their state of choice.

We will also like to let you know that we are extremely conscious heath-wise. The safety of our students is our utmost priority. As a result of the coronavirus pandemic, every institute is open to a new safety reality. Our study centres are not left behind. Necessary steps have been put in place to checkmate potential acts of the virus, that might open our students and staff alike to danger.


IJMB Registration Date and Deadline

In light of the coronavirus pandemic, every sector is gradually easing up. This gradual easing up is also applicable to the education sector. Therefore, dates for deadlines and commencement of several exams are being set gradually.

This is majorly due to the dynamic nature of the health clime that comes along with coronavirus. Above all, the governing body of the programme is yet to release a definite date as a deadline.

What this means is that students can still register for the programme. It should be noted that there are a lot of websites claiming to represent IJMB. So, they give some invalid date. This is an attempt to most likely defraud students.

The mainboard for IJMB is the Ahmed Bello University Zaria. And so far, they have not announced any deadline for registration.


How IJMB Registration is done

You can register with us now and start receiving lectures immediately in our study centres. Call us for more inquiries on 08115651421 or 08169138392

However, candidates can also visit our study centres in Ilorin, Port Harcourt, Lagos, Abuja to take a form. After you have collected the form, you register and resume lectures.

As we all know that the WAEC students will commence the exam by August 4th. Hence, you should start preparing for your IJMB exam for the 2021/2022 session. The exam will commence soon.



This section of the article exhaustively addresses the question from students who ask,” how does IJMB work?”

In line with the method of operation of nearly all advanced-level programmes, students taking the IJMB programme will choose any three (3) subjects to go along with English Language (which is a compulsory subject for participants), to make the number of subject four (4) in total.

Candidates’ subject combination must be in line with their preferred course of study, regardless of the course. However, for prospective students who do not know or understand the subject combination process in line with their preferred course of study, we will give you a properly informed guide for this and other aspects you might have doubts or questions on, during the registration process.

Upon completion of the registration, students will begin to attend lectures in the study centre of their chosen state, throughout the programme before the examination commences. The tutorial classes available in the various study centres gives students adequate preparation for the IJMB exam which will facilitate their admission into 200level in their respective preferred institutions.



IJMB Nigeria programme runs within nine (9) months which is similar to a session of two semesters in a tertiary academic institution. This is akin to taking a 100level programme in an institution and the final exam is a bridge to crossing into 200level. As soon as the IJMB registration date and deadline is set, the calendar will be out as well

Eligibility – What are the eligibility criteria for the IJMB Programme?

The programme presents prospective students with the opportunity to gain admission into 200level in any institution without writing JAMB. It is open to all interested students  and it offers all courses including Medicine, Law, Mass Communication, etc. There is no limit to the courses prospective students can study with the programme.

Prospective students who are secondary school leavers get the opportunity to get into universities and other tertiary institutions using their 0’level results. Also, students who are yet to get their 0’level result (WAEC, GCE, NECO) can apply for IJMB using awaiting results. The most important piece of information is that every candidate must have their 0’level result before the end of the IJMB programme.

Consequently, upon completion of the IJMB programme and after passing the exam, students will then obtain the Direct Entry Form or DE Form from JAMB and fill the forms to transition into 200level.




Just as we do here at alevelsadmissions.com, numerous websites offer online registration. However, some websites frown at registration online due to numerous cases of fraud that come alongside online registration.

We, however, offer prospective candidates a variety of options to register in line with their convenience.  They can opt for our online registration here which is a method that involves a bank deposit, or they can visit our offices in any state of the federation to obtain their IJMB or JUPEB form therein, or call our service lines on 08115651421 or 08169138392.  Please note that the form fee for IJMB is: #10,000 while for JUPEB it is #15,000 both online or offline.

There are guidelines for filling the online form and we implore students to read them carefully before filling the form.

Prospective students can call our service line at any point of registration to make inquiries or clarifications on the process.


School fee for the programme is in between N180,000 and N250,000 in all our IJMB study centres. The state of the IJMB centres of candidates is a determinant of the eventual price students pay for the programme.

Also, the accommodation of students determines if students will pay a certain amount or less. For instance, IJMB 2020/2021 school fees, with accommodation is N250,000 in Lagos and N200,000 without accommodation.

However, in Ilorin, IJMB 2020/2021 fee is N180,000 without accommodation. Nevertheless, all these fees consist of the acceptance fee, tuition fee and textbooks



Immediately a student has completed his/her IJMB 2021/2022 registration, they resume as soon as possible. However, we allow for payment on instalment to make it easy for students and parents. This means that our students can pay in bits but not more than three times.


Resumption for a new session usually starts around September as the ongoing session is coming to an end. The programme registration usually begins around June and ends around October after which the exam is usually scheduled for February.

Candidates can, however, join the current session now. We usually make provisions for special classes for students who register at a later time. These classes are also called Fixed lectures in our system. They help students who resume at a later time get the hold of the IJMB syllabus.


We dedicate our all to your success. Call us today on 08115651421 or 08169138392 for inquiries on the arrangement. You can also send us an email on alevelsadmissions@gmail.com

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