JUPEB students In Ibadan

The JUPEB programme is still available for enrollment in Ibadan JUPEB centre for candidates who wish to purchase the form.

Our JUPEB centre is located at Monatan, 7up, Iwo Road and our registration centre is inside the University of Ibadan.

Whatever location you might be coming from, when you reach Iwo Road, you’re closer to our JUPEB centre in Ibadan.

Just give us a call on 08115651421 or 08169138392 for appropriate directions.

The JUPEB form is still available for students who wish to enrol and run their JUPEB programme in Ibadan. However, there is limited space available for students who will enrol into our centre this year.

You can register on our online registration portal or proceed to our registration centre which is inside the University of Ibadan.



We must clearly state at this juncture, that the JUPEB form can be purchased in our registration centre within the University of Ibadan. But that doesn’t mean that there is a centre in the University of Ibadan for JUPEB.

As a matter of fact, the University of Ibadan is one of the universities that do not accept the JUPEB programme as a requirement for admission processing.

So, University of Ibadan does not run the JUPEB programme nor do they accept JUPEB.

Therefore, we have the JUPEB registration centre in the University for those who prefer to buy the form at an office, instead of buying it online.

We should tell you that there is absolutely no difference if you purchase your JUPEB form online and in the office. We, however, wish to accommodate your preferences.

As a result, you can buy your JUPEB form inside our office in the University of Ibadan or online through our JUPEB registration portal.



Perhaps, most people think there is a difference in the price of purchasing the registration form in Ibadan and other states.

We would like to inform you that JUPEB form is the same price in Ibadan as it is in Lagos, Abuja, Delta, Port Harcourt. As well asevery other state of the federation.

The form is N15,000 only and you can get yours at our registration centre in UI or here.


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Location of a particular JUPEB centre is a huge factor in the difference in the price of JUPEB fee in various parts of the country.

Factors like accommodation cost and environmental maintenance are variables that affect the price. As we all know, the cost of living in Lagos is different from that of Ibadan, Ilorin etc.

Having said that, the JUPEB fee in our Ibadan JUPEB centre is almost the same as that of Ilorin.

The fee for JUPEB in our study centre in Ibadan is N250,000

The price is not anywhere close to what the fee is in universities for the same programme. For instance, UNILAG charges N500,000 while Afe Babalola and some universities in Oyo state charge close to N400,000.

Bear in mind, however, that regardless of the state you choose to run your JUPEB programme, you are eligible to gain admission in any university of your choice so far you ace the exam.

So far you are enrolled in a centre (University or private centre) that caters for your desire and drive to pass the exam, you are set to gain admission into 200level in your preferred university.

This is one of the major reasons we are confident in our Ibadan JUPEB centre. Contact us now on 07043377437 or 08117898982 or register here



Prospective students should be aware of the fact that the JUPEB programme accepts all courses so far your university of choice offers that course.

Also, every JUPEB centre enrols students in for lectures in all the courses available via JUPEB.

Consequently, our Ibadan study centre is not any different from this. We enrol students for any course of your choice at JUPEB centre in Ibadan.

However, upon completion of the programme and release of the result, students will obtain the Direct Entry form from JAMB. This will enable the process of their admission into 200level.

This is a smooth process that we will guide you through. You have nothing to worry about.


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For further enquiries on our JUPEB Centre in Ibadan and other JUPEB related question, please contact us on 08115651421 or 08169138392 or send us an email on alevelsadmission@gmail.com

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