How is JUPEB result calculated

JUPEB Grading system
The JUPEB result is calculated using the university system of grading. Each candidate get a particular grade point or GP based on the individual score of the subjects they applied for.

Below is a  table that properly illustrates the grading system.

Letter Grade Mark Range Grade point Interpretation
A 70 + 5 Excellent
B 60 + 69 4 Very Good
C 50 + 59 3 Good
D 45 + 49 2 Merit
E 40 + 44 1 Pass
F 0 – 39 0 Fail


The grade mark ranges a student’s scores fall within in his/her exam, will be used to calculate the overall grade point. Every university the accepts JUPEB has a minimum grade point a student must attain to gain admission into the school for that course.


An addition of 1point is when a candidate does not score F in all the three subjects

For instance, a student that scores A’s in all the three subjects will attain a grade point of 15 + 1.

If the student’s preferred choice of institution in “University Example” is Law and the minimum grade point for Law in University Example is 14, the student has passed successfully.


The JUPEB result is usually out within 60days after the exam has been written



To register for JUPEB, click this link or call or service lines: 08115651421 or 08169138392

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